Congolese Urban Farming

By: Michael Mugoovi

Helpings of Hope has been and is a great support to the Congolese community ensuring the community needs are expressed and supported. 

Helpings of Hope is in the process of starting a Congolese urban farm here in the city of Indianapolis. Up until this time Helpings of Hope has been advocating for African communities living in Indianapolis and neighboring cities, helping them to feel at home and welcome to Indianapolis as their new place of residence. This farm will help the people who are here from the Democratic Republic of Congo to preserve their cultural food (vegetables) by growing it locally. This will also greatly assist this community and other immigrant communities who share the same food by helping them avoid long journeys out of the state in order to get these vegetables. 

This Congolese farm in partnership with Helpings of Hope will contribute to fighting hunger and food insecurity. It is will also create jobs that will lead to financial self-sufficiency for the Congolese farmers.

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