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About Us

What We Do

Helpings of Hope is a nonprofit organization that has been in existence for over six years. Helpings of Hope is dedicated to eliminating hunger and food waste, and creating food security through community-driven projects that provide affordable, nutritious food for people in areas that are food deserts.

In the greater Indianapolis area, one in five people are food insecure. Food security exists when all people at all times have physical, social, and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life. 21.6 percent of people in Marion County live below the poverty level, with 32 percent of children living below the poverty level.

Helpings of Hope is…

developing community gardens that will help people meet their dietary needs in a cost-effective and nutritious way.

helping families develop sustainability through education on economic shopping and cooking techniques, and by helpings individuals make a profit on excess produce that is cultivated.

educating people so that they understand the value of nutritious food and the importance of the eating and shopping choices that they make every day.