Helpings of Hope, Inc.

Serving more than food…

  • Who we are.

    We are dedicated to eliminating hunger and food waste, and creating food security through community-driven projects that provide affordable, nutritious food.
  • What we do.

    Helpings of Hope seeks to introduce new perspectives on food and dining, community, and innovative ways of eliminating hunger.
  • How we do it.

    We are growing community gardens, establishing a community cafe, and promoting food education!
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Serving more than food...

  • Goals and Objectives

    Helpings of Hope will develop community gardens as a part of fulfilling their mission to help people meet their dietary needs in a cost-effective and nutritious way. The initial garden will be used to provide organic produce for the Helpings Cafe. Along with providing seasonal food choices for the cafe, the produce will also be sold at farmers’ markets and Helpings of Hope’s own roadside fruit and vegetable stand. This will help create awareness regarding the organization and act as an initial source of income as the cafe is in the process of preparation.

    Helpings of Hope’s mission includes establishing a restaurant, Helpings Cafe. The cafe will provide nutritious and delicious meals, through “pay-what-you-can” pricing, for the people of Indianapolis, regardless of their ability to pay. We are committed to using local, organically and sustainably grown ingredients whenever possible.

    Helpings Café will be established as one way of meeting this hunger need in Indianapolis. It should be emphasized that Helpings Café is a restaurant and not a soup kitchen. As such, Helpings Café will promote and be an access point for food security for people who may be otherwise unable to provide this security for themselves. Helpings Café will offer a seasonal and flexible menu with a focus on simple, healthy dishes that utilize locally grown and organic products whenever possible. Emphasis will be on eliminating food waste by asking customers to take what they want in reasonable portions, without fearing that they cannot come back for seconds if they are still hungry.

    As part of its mission to help people have the nutritious food necessary to live an active and healthy life, Helpings of Hope will promote food education to help people understand the value of nutritious food and the importance of the food choices they make every day. We will also help students learn the origins of food, where it comes from, how it is grown, the processes involved in cultivation and production.

    As part of Helpings of Hope’s educational activity, there will be a culinary school established to train people in the various aspects of the food industry. This will include learning in the areas of quantity food production, menu development, and nutrition, as well as practical on-the-job culinary skills training, most of which will occur at the Helpings Cafe. This training will be a crucial part of Helpings of Hope’s work to not only meet hunger needs in the short term but to also break the long-term cycle of poverty by helping to prepare individuals to enter or return to the workforce with a set of marketable skills.

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