Helpings of Hope, Inc.

Serving more than food…

About Us

Who we are.

We are dedicated to eliminating hunger and food waste and creating food security through community-driven projects that provide affordable, nutritious food.

What we do.

Helpings of Hope seeks to introduce new perspectives on food insecurity, sustainability, and innovative ways of elimination hunger.

How we do it.

We grow community gardens, promote food education, and help individuals and families become self-sustaining!

Helping by Numbers


active gardens


volunteers working weekly


pounds of food donated


people fed

Areas of Opportunity


Helpings of Hope’s Nora Community Garden is looking forward to its fifth year!

Last year 43 gardeners from nine different countries grew their own produce for their families.

The gardens are allowing families to feel connected to the earth and traditional agricultural practices.

Gardening is a tool to support self-sustainability as they provide nutritious produce for their own families.

Helpings of Hope’s small garden is also producing fresh vegetables for food pantries around the Nora area.


Helpings of Hope is an official partner of “Cooking Matters.”

Partnerships have been developed with Raphael Health Center and Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

People are taught how to shop efficiently and economically, and how to cook nutritious meals on a small budget.

Students of the classes are taught to achieve a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.


We are helping individuals and families become self-sustaining in four different ways:

Growing affordable fresh produce for their own families.

Developing relationships with grocery stores to sell produce wholesale.

Creating opportunities to sell to friends and neighbors.

Selling through a local garden farm stand as excess produce is grown.

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