• Ready for Planting!

    We are getting ready here at Nora Community Garden for another awesome growing season! Tilling was provided by #GingerAcrestillingandtractorservices and volunteers marked off 52 plots that will provide space for 31 families to grow cultural produce for themselves, families and community. Wishing all the community gardeners out there Happy Gardening! Read more

  • The Beginnings of the Urban Farm

    We super excited to announce we are starting an urban farm called Helpings of Hope Farms located at First Baptist Church 8600 N. College Ave. Indianapolis. We have already tilled and getting ready for planting. We will be raising Congolese vegetables as well as American vegetables. More details coming soon! Read more

  • Eagle Scout Project

    Nora Community Garden had the pleasure this weekend of hosting Eagle Scout Candidate Seamus, Boy Scout Volunteers and leaders to build a new compost bin to complete Seamus’ Eagle Scout project. Seamus spent many hours of planning and preparation to get this project off the ground. Thanks to Seamus we have a new compost bin!Continue… Read more

  • Congolese Urban Farming

    By: Michael Mugoovi Helpings of Hope has been and is a great support to the Congolese community ensuring the community needs are expressed and supported.  Helpings of Hope is in the process of starting a Congolese urban farm here in the city of Indianapolis. Up until this time Helpings of Hope has been advocating forContinue… Read more

  • Volunteer Sign-up Day

    This weekend 21 families signed up to garden at Nora Community Garden. We were busy getting the garden ready for our 2023 garden season by spreading wood chips in the garden walkways and adding compost to our garden plots. Wishing everyone a great growing season. Happy Gardening!  Read more

  • Donation Garden Renovation Day!

    Donation Garden Renovation Day!

    Our Master Gardeners were busy this past weekend getting the Donation Garden ready for the 2023 gardening season. They filled garden beds with organic compost and spread wood chips in walkways to prepare the garden for planting. Materials were provided by #Green Cycle Of Indiana. Thank you Nora Community Garden Master Gardeners and our partnersContinue… Read more